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No matter how demanding your requirements, Titan can configure a workstation build that will strike a balance between your budget and needs. Do you need a silent machine? Perhaps something portable yet powerful? Maybe you have a unique application that no off-the-shelf workstation is right for. Titan Workstation Computers has the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to help you clearly define your requirements and then source the parts and skills to make that vision a reality in a cost-effective way. Our workstation component configurator comes with lists of carefully selected components for almost every clients needs and, if you cannot find exactly what you want there, it only takes one phone call to us and we will source the part if possible.

Life Time Labor & Support

Titan Workstation Computers is proud of its unique and exceptional client service experience. The customer is at the heart of our business model and we strive to build relationships over and above simply selling products. As standard, all Titan Computers come with a two-year warranty on components,with the option to extend this to four years. Our support however, is a unique lifetime service. Even after the warranty on your components have come to an end, you still enjoy access to support and labor from Titan Computers, for life. Our company is serious about customer service. A representative is designated to you specifically, which means that you will deal with the same person every time.

Worldwide Shipping

Our proximity to the Port of Miami allow us to offer affordable and secure international shipping. We have delivered workstations all over Europe, South America, Middle East and as far as Australia and Japan with 100% success rate.
All International shipping is done through Fedex and packages reach their destination within 5-8 business days depending on the country.

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Titan C141 - Intel Core Kaby Lake Series Compact Mini Tower Workstation PC up to 4 cores
Titan C141 - Intel Core Kaby Lake Series Compact Mini Tower Workstation PC up to 4 cores
Starting Price: $1,045.00

Have you ever looked at your computer and though “this is great, but I really wish it took up half the space”? Well, the C141 may be exactly what the doctor ordered. The Thermaltake Urban S1 case provides the perfect platform for a hard working computer that gives you your workspace back while still providing the same style as any “fruit”-themed computer.

X199 VULCAN 8 - Overclocked 4.4GHz Intel Core i7-6900K 8 Cores Workstation
X199 VULCAN 8 - Overclocked 4.4GHz Intel Core i7-6900K 8 Cores Workstation PC
Starting Price: $3,295.95

When it comes to performance some CPUs are more than meets the eye. The eight-core Intel i7-6900K is such a CPU, which is why it’s at the heart of our Titan X199 VULCAN, part of our new line of overclocked workstations. We select only the best components and push them to the optimal balance between performance and reliability. Enjoy the full peace of mind our warranties and famous customer service brings while taking ownership of a rock-solid 4.4 GHz i7-6900K 8 Cores Machine.

Titan X199 V4 - Intel Xeon E5 V4 Broadwell-EP, 3D Modeling Workstation PC up to 22 Cores
Titan X199 V4 - Intel Xeon E5 V4 Broadwell-EP 3D Modeling Workstation PC up to 22 Cores
Starting Price: $2,685.00

Eight cores and sixteen threads are standard on the very sexy and very quiet X199 V4. You can bump that up to an insane 22-core and 44-thread monster right away or some time in the future and you don’t need to change a single other component to do it either.

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