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GeForce GTX 960M and 950M


So we’ve been hearing good things about the powerful mobile Nvidia cards, the GTX 980M and 970M. Still, these days thin and light is the order of the day and many users have been waiting to see what’s happening at the middle of the 900-series mobile range.

There aren’t really benchmarks out yet since the cards were announced three days before the time of writing, but the specifications are now known.

The GTX 960M has 640 CUDA cores,a 1,096 MHz base clock and GDDR5 memory clocked at 2,500MHz on a 128-bit bus.

The GTX 950M has the same number of cores but a 914 MHz base clock speed, 1,000MHz (DDR3) or 2,500MHz (GDDR5) memory clock speed.

Both of these parts come with a number of new features for mobile, mainly ways to improve battery life, which is always welcome. DirectX 12 support is of course a given.

Although the benchmarks aren’t in yet the general feeling is that these cards will allow gaming on QHD devices at medium-high settings at 60 FPS. However, Asus has paired the GTX 960 with a 4K display, which frankly might be too much for this part and you’ll have to play things at non-native resolutions.

Keep an eye out for the new ultrabooks that will be sporting these chips and of course benchmarks to see how they perform in real life.