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Intel Xeon W Skylake

Up to 18 Cores Workstation PC - Intel Xeon W processors deliver optimized performance for the needs of demanding workstation professionals. Hardware-enhanced security, and reliability for the increasing demands of professional workstations and ready for professional quality VR design.

Intel Xeon W Processors
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Titan W422 - Intel Xeon W Skylake for VR Design Workstation PC up to 18 cores Titan W422 Octane - Intel Xeon W Skylake - VR Design - CUDA GPU Rendering Workstation PC up to 18 Cores Titan W3175X - Intel Xeon W Skylake - Six Channel Memory & up to 28 Cores Extreme Performance Workstation PC
Virtual reality is all the rage these days and the system requirements for consuming it are going down all the time. But what about those who want to create the next big VR experience? We’ve taken the latest professional-grade components and created one of the most cost-effective 3D Rendering workstations with VR-grade horsepower on the market. Welcome to the W422.

There are plenty of high-end computers out there that boast multiple GPUs. What they don’t tell you is that just because you can put a whole bunch of GPUs into a computer, doesn’t mean you’ll get the full benefit. The Titan W422 Octane has no such problems. We’ve carefully chosen the best processor and motherboard combination to let you wring as much performance from your multi-GPU setup as possible. In fact, every component in this workstation has been chosen around the concept of multi-GPU computing. If you’re looking to crunch some GPU workloads, this is where to start.

Sometimes the only thing that matters is performance. Not price, not practicality, but raw speed. If we are talking cars, names like Ferrari and Lamborghini come to mind. When we’re talking workstations, well the Titan W-3174X is our hyper-car dream expressed as a workstation computer.

Titan Vulcan 28 - Intel Xeon W-3175X  28 Cores Overclocked to 4.6GHz Extreme Performance Workstation Computer
Everyone deserves to live up to their potential. To throw off the limits society imposes on them and push themselves to their true limits. If that can be true for people, why not for the workstations used by those people? As one of our limited, custom overclocked workstations, the Vulcan 28 has been carefully built from hand-selected components to far exceed the limits of a mere label. Twenty-eight Xeon W cores, pushed to an eye-watering 4.6Ghz and then chilled to perfection. There’s nothing else quite like this on any shelf. Anywhere. Covered by our peerless warranty and aftermarket service, the Vulcan 28 goes beyond the performance that mere money can buy.