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Manufacturing and Product Design
You may think that outright performance is all that matters when it comes to manufacturing and product design applications. That’s only half true.Other factors are just as important in this equation. This is an area of computing that relies heavily on data integrity, precision and reliability.

This is why you’ll find professional-grade components in these computers rather than high-end consumer items. These computers are the natural home for Xeon CPUs and professional GPUs such as the Quadro and FirePro lines.

These components not only come with better quality components and much more support from the manufacturer, but also a higher degree of precision and accuracy. Even high-end consumer products are prone to occasional errors, but these make no difference on those context. In the word of precise engineering and design applications however a tiny calculation error can have serious repercussions.

You’ll also notice that all of the workstations in this category allow for flexible hard drive configurations that can be configured for speed, redundancy or a good blend of both. When data loss occurs in these types of applications it’s more than your collection of funny cat photos that go missing. These data can literally be worth millions of dollars.

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