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Video Editing & 3D Rendering Multi GPU Computing
Manufacturing & Product Design CAD / CAM - Architecture & Engineering
Graphic Design & Photo Editing Simulation and Visualization
AI, Deep Learning & Machine Learning Oil / Gas and Seismic Research

Recommended PC Workstation by Field

We understand that your high paced working environment has no room for hardware downtime or bottlenecks. Titan Computers lives up to the motto ‘Spend less time waiting. More time creating’ by providing optimized workstations for all different professional fields and applications. Over 10 Years of experienced testing and troubleshooting helped us develop a well-polished list of compatible computers with today’s most demanding applications you use in your area of expertise. Advances in technology has created demand for deep learning applications, GPU parallel processing and complex simulations (among others) for all of which we have already tested and developed workstations capable of operating on the most rigorous environments. Using our guidance you will be able to identify the most suitable hardware configuration for your next professional workstation.

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