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Titan A399 - 2nd Gen AMD RYZEN Threadripper - 3D Rendering Workstation PC - up to 32 cores
Titan A399 - 2nd Gen  AMD RYZEN Threadripper - 3D Rendering Workstation PC - up to 32 cores

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Titan A399 - 2nd Gen AMD RYZEN Threadripper - 3D Rendering Workstation PC - up to 32 cores

Imagine you could take a high-end consumer PC and then take every aspect of it and make it just a bit better. More cores, less noise, more reliability and so on. You’d end-up with a powerful and versatile professional machine suitable for a wide variety of jobs, while still being a familiar and compatible day-to-day PC.

That’s what we’ve achieved with the A399. A workstation PC we think is perfect for professional 3D rendering, but honestly could also be the perfect all-round enthusiast-grade computer.

At the heart of this system we’ve put the brand-new Ryzen Threadripper technology, with an eight-core, sixteen-thread 1900X CPU. You can beef this up all the way to the 2990WX, with 32-cored and 64-threads. Any of these choices will eat video and 3D-rendering jobs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They’ll also do it quietly, since CPU water cooling is a standard feature on the A399, which means optimal turbo frequencies and quiet operation.

These CPU cores need capable RAM to keep their caches fed, so the A399 comes with your choice of 32, 64 or 128GB of RAM. Not just any RAM, mind you. This is server-grade ECC RAM, so you don’t have to worry about artefacts or errors in your renders.

That’s all very special, but what’s even more special is the fantastic Asrock X399 Taichi motherboard. Apart from being a quality piece of kit, it has a pretty amazing trick up its sleeve. This board can accommodate, not one, but THREE M.2 drives in RAID.

This is also a quad-GPU capable motherboard, but to get you started the standard GPU in the A399 is the GTX 1080. A card with a price-to-performance ratio that’s yet to be beaten. If that’s too mainstream for your tastes, there’s also a full selection of the latest Quadro professional GPUs to choose from.

The A399 is silent, powerful, versatile and stable. It’s almost scary that AMD’s Threadripper platform has made it possible to build this computer at this price. But we did! So now you too can feel the performance of Threadripper while enjoying our peerless lifetime support and extensive system customization consultation services.

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