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Oil / Gas and Seismic Research
When youíre on the lookout for natural resources with values that look like phone numbers, no expense is spared when it comes to your equipment. This industry has embraced high performance computing like no other and these titans of computing (no pun intended) have massively threaded CPUs and, thanks to the rise of GPU accelerated computing, professional grade GPU cards.

While the performance of these machines are at the apex of whatís possible with desktop computing technology, what really sets them apart is their quality and reliability. While an enthusiast-class computer may have a lot of horsepower, it doesnít have to deliver that high performance continuously however and if it falls over or loses its data there isnít a mountain of cash lost in productivity.

Systems suitable for oil and gas research need extensive stress testing of all components and benefit from high-end cooling to prevent heat related damage over time and provide stability.

Data integrity is also highly important which is why these machines have capacity for redundant storage. A stable and reliable power supply is also non-negotiable. High efficiency and high quality PSUs are a given, but these computers also benefit from having redundant supplies that instantly switched over to a backup in case anything goes wrong, without interrupting that multi-day render.

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