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Why PC Workstations Are Still Better Than a Mac Pro
Published: 07-14-2023

In the digital world, the eternal struggle between Mac and PC continues. This time, we're putting the newly unveiled Mac Pro with the M2 Ultra chip, announced at Apple's WWDC 2023, under the microscope. And while it certainly boasts impressive specifications, there are several reasons why most workstation users might still want to stick with their trusty PC setups

It’s a Big Mac Studio

Let's start with a simple truth: the Mac Pro with the M2 Ultra chip is essentially a Mac Studio in a more expensive package. The performance of these two Apple computers is virtually identical, as they share the same chip.
A Geekbench result from a 64GB RAM Mac Pro model with the M2 Ultra chip reached a 2,794 single-core score and a 21,453 multi-core score. Meanwhile, the new Mac Studio with the same chip scored a 2,669 single-core score and a 21,203 multi-core score. The numbers speak for themselves - the performance is essentially the same.

So, why would you want to fork over an extra $3,000 for the base model Mac Pro, which starts at a whopping $6,999, when you can get the same performance from the M2 Ultra Mac Studio, which starts at a more affordable $3,999? Unless you need a better fan system, more Thunderbolt ports, and expandable storage, the new Mac Pro might not make sense.

The Upgrade Issue

Now, let's talk about upgrades. One of the main advantages of PC workstations is the ability to upgrade components as technology advances. But with the new Mac Pro, you're essentially stuck with what you buy. The Mac Pro does not support GPU upgrades, limiting the machine's future-proofing.

The situation could be better with the RAM too. It's no secret that Apple has never been particularly friendly regarding user upgrades, and the new Mac Pro is no exception. The RAM is not upgradeable, meaning you'll have to decide on how much memory you'll need for the machine's lifetime at the point of purchase.

Apple offers the new Mac Pro with six open PCIe Gen 4 slots for expansion, which is a decent number. However, this is still a far cry from your freedom of choice with a PC workstation, which can support a larger number of PCIe cards. Moreover, the PCIe expansion slots on the Mac Pro are based on Gen 4, which isn’t the latest, although it's still incredibly fast.

PC Is Still The Better Choice For Almost everyone

While the new Mac Pro with the M2 Ultra chip is undoubtedly a powerful machine, it's a system only viable for a narrow set of professionals who are deeply ingrained in the Mac ecosystem or heavily dependent on Mac-specific software. For most pro users, a PC workstation still offers more flexibility, upgradability, and value for money. For now, it seems that the PC workstation continues to reign supreme in the world of professional computing.

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