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Autodesk is is generally known for being a worldwide leader in CAD and CAM software. AutoCAD is probably the companyís most famous product, but it actually makes a few design packages beyond the mainstream CAD franchise. One of these is Autodesk Inventor.

While Inventor is a CAD program, itís more specialized than AutoCAD. Inventor is specifically designed for prototyping with the ability to run simulations on the virtual prototype model in order to see how it performs.

As you can probably guess, any sort of software that aims to simulate reality accurately enough for real world applications is going to eat computing power for breakfast. It turns out thatís true for inventor for the most part, but the situation may be a little more complicated than that.

Most of the hardware requirements for Autodesk Inventor are not particularly exotic. A modern 64-bit operating system with 20GB of RAM and just about any DX10 or DX11 GPU card will do nicely. Itís possible to get away with lower specifications, but you wonít be getting an optimal experience. If you are going to work with truly complex models youíll want to up the RAM to 24GB. A good SSD as the primary system drive is now also now advisable for any computer.

The main difficulty when it comes to recommending a workstation that will be used mainly to run Inventor is the fact that the software is largely single-threaded. Autodesk has added more and more specific components that are multithreaded over the last few years, but apart from some specific rendering tasks youíll see no benefit from having many CPU cores. At the same time the program hasnít yet embraced GPU acceleration to aid in its simulations.

Therefore the single most important factor when building a workstation for Inventor is the frequency of the CPU cores. As a rule of thumb, adding more cores usually means having a lower per-core frequency.

Operating systems supported by Autodesk Inventor
Windows 11 64-Bit (all versions)
Windows 10 64-bit Professional
Windows 8.1 64-bit (Pro)
Windows 7 64-bit (Professional and Ultimate)

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