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Color graders don’t always get the credit they deserve in the film industry, but the truth is that most films would not have the right tone and impact without the touch of a competent color grading professional.

Color is as much an element of meaning and storytelling as framing or any other film technique. The good news is that these days computer software makes it much easier to achieve the colors we want in our videos in a time-frame that makes it much more affordable and practical.

The Resolve software from Black Magic Designs is an industry-leading package that lets color-graders do extremely advanced work while seeing the results in real time. It may “only” work with video, but make no mistake: Resolve is a system killer.

Early versions of resolve required specialized processing hardware in order to work at all, but since GPGPU technology has become mainstream the latest version now relies on solutions from NVIDIA.

Since Resolve offloads real time rendering to the GPU you need to give most attention to this component. Ideally there should be multiple GPUs and Black Magic Designs themselves have demo system configurations that use eight GPUs in order to handle 4K 3D video.

While the GPU choice is important, the CPU and RAM also play key roles. The minimum requirements if for a modern quad-core CPU, which should handle 1080p footage.

RAM requirements start at 16GB and you should also consider an SSD drive as a working minimum.

Titan Computers recommended configuration for Davinci
At the low end we recommend the W161 with a second GPU added and the SSD upgraded to 512GB. This system is also good for the mid-range with added GPUs and an upgraded processor.

For the high-end we recommend the W422-Octane or W599-Octane with additional video cards and a larger SSD.

For more information on this application please visit their website at:

Operating systems supported by Davinci:
Windows 11 64-Bit (all versions)
Windows 10 64-bit Professional


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