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What is Enscape 3D and Why Should You Care?

Published: 2-01-2021

Thanks to ever increasing GPU and CPU power, itís now possible to achieve things with real-time rendering that would simply have been impossible not too long ago.
Enscape is a fantastic example of this trend. Itís a real-time rendering plugin thatís finding great support among architects and engineers.

Enscape uses an ingenious approach to create path-traced, material accurate render with a global illumination system. It takes your CAD plan and turns it into a visual render almost as good as the real end product will be.

Wide Compatibility

Enscape is not a standalone program, but a plugin that works with some of the most popular rendering packages on the market:

  • Revit

  • Sketchup

  • Rhinoceros 3D

  • ArchiCAD

  • Vectorworks

It uses OpenGL and Vulkan, which is one of the reasons it performs so well as a real-time solution.

Impressive Workflow Design

Itís rare for a single designer to work on complex projects, so itís great that Enscape offers collaborative tools which lets a team of people go through the 3D render and annotate areas which need help of one kind or another.

Team members and even external stakeholders can easily view the latest version of the render and communicate clearly with each other about what needs to happen.

Instant Render Updates From CAD

The truly killer feature of Enscape in our opinion is the fact that itís linked live to the CAD model the render is based on. So if you make changes to the model, you can see them reflected in the render instantly. This makes it easy to visualize client requests and comments or to iterate on design decisions. All while seeing a photo realistic representation of what the final product will actually look like.

VR Compatibility

This ability to reflect real time model updates and show incredibly photoreal images in real time feel a little wasted on a flat screen, so itís a good thing that Enscape has support for VR built right in. The software supports mainstream headsets such as the Rift S and HTC Vive and lets users fly through models in first-person, getting a true sense for the size and scope of the virtual space. This way clients and designers can stand in the finished project before a single real part of it is ever made. VR is a great technology, but with Enscape we think itís found a particularly strong niche.

Multi-format Exports

While itís amazing that you can see a live, path-traced render that reflects model changes instantly and can be explored in VR, what if the person who needs to see the model has none of that fancy hardware?

This could be a problem, but Enscape offers multiple formats in which you can export the model for viewing. For example, you can export it as a video with a predefined patch to fly through the scene. Alternatively, you can export it as a 360-degree panoramic photo set. Essentially a virtual tour of your scene.

You can also export standalone rendered versions of a scene that can be delivered as an executable file, or as a web application. If the userís hardware is up to it, they can freely explore the scene without needing any extra software at all.

A Titan Workstation Can Put Your Renders in the Best Light

If you like the idea of a sharable, VR-capable, real-time render of your architectural designs then you need the sort of workstation that can offer a smooth and detailed output that will blow the socks off your client. While also making life much easier for the designer.

We have a wide range of powerful workstations that can be tailored to your exact needs, including running Enscape as it was meant to be seen. With lifetime support and systems designed to give you the most performance per dollar possible, your Enscape real-time demos will look better than ever and your team and clients will be happier for it.

To learn more about Enscape features, visit their website: