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Multi GPU Computing

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Modeling and Rendering

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Rendering 3D objects and scenery of course requires even more graphics grunt and benefits from higher-end graphics chips. While performance components get the headlines they are not the only consideration for video and 3D rendering. These machines should be quiet, take no more space than needed, look good in the workspace and have components that are reliable. For example, having a middle of the road power supply is OK for gaming sessions that last a few hours at a time. Where the off visual artifact or glitch goes unnoticed. When rendering a 30 or 40 hour job however, these are problems you canít afford and thatís why these machines are built with a different eye for priorities.


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Titan X575 - NVIDIA Tesla GPU Parallel Computing Server w/ Dual Intel Scalable Processors and up to 56 Cores
Titan X575 - NVIDIA Tesla GPU Parallel Computing Server w/ Dual Xeon Scalable and up to 56 Cores
Starting Price: $8,950.00

The X575 is a multi threaded, multi GPU capable system with the option to install up to 10 dual slot GPUs. Perfect for those who want GPU Supercomputing ability in a convenient rack-mounted form, the Titan X575 is a uniquely designed, flexible parallel processing workstation server. Up to 56 hyper-threaded Intel cores and ten GPUs mean no compromises for medical, nuclear, oil & gas or render farm parallel computing applications.

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