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Why Buy a Custom Titan Computer Instead of a Dell or HP?


Variety is the spice of life and there is nothing inherently wrong with buying a mass-market, mass-produced computer. It is however very important that you understand the different value propositions you get from us when compared to the giant PC manufacturers.

Quality Over Quantity
Mass market PCs have to viciously cut corners and make aggressive deals with component creators to shave cents off every unit and increase their profit. Those computers are usually marketed on a few marquee specification such as the CPU and GPU model, but little is said about all the other components. When you take a closer look at the power supply, motherboard and RAM (for example) is usually unbranded or re-branded hardware that you will not find on a shelf anywhere.

Often these OEM or original equipment manufacturerť components are not built with the same quality standards as retail models, so hardware failures, poor performance and overall longevity are affected in a negative way.

Attention to Detail
When you are shifting thousands of computers along an assembly line every day you do not have the luxury of taking care of small but important details. A key example is the routing of cables, which is not only important for a professional look, but also for proper airflow.

When a system is built by us, it is carefully inspected and put together with care. No loose screws, no hastily installed and misaligned parts.

Performance Tuned
Components such as RAM, CPUs and GPUs are rated for a standard level of performance, but the actual performance of your system as a whole depends on all of the components working together perfectly. So we make sure to eliminate potential performance bottlenecks by carefully considering which components we put together. We do not put systems up for sale that have performance bottlenecks by cheaping out on things like RAM and motherboards.

We test the performance of our systems and make sure that they reach their full potential.
In some cases we will also push components beyond their rating through overclocking while making sure that stability is not compromised. The bottom line is that with a Titan Computers workstation you get what you pay for when it comes to performance.

Tested to Perfection
When you are mass-producing computers there is no time for anything but the most basic testing. Basically, if it switches on and passes a set of software tests, the computer is ready to ship.

This is not the approach you get from Titan Computers. Every computer that we build goes through a stress testing procedure that gives as close to 100% confidence in the quality of the machine as possible. This means you can be sure that the computer you get will go the distance you need it to and the stress and inconvenience of RMA is almost never our customers problem.

We Do not Sell Customers to Third Parties

In order to improve profits mass producers of computers will make deals with third-party vendors to include their software preloaded on the computer. These include software such as anti-virus software, various PC utilities and trial versions of things like photo editors and office suites.

Which means the first day of ownership is spent removing all the software you do not want rather than getting to work. Even worse, the operating system discs that OEMs ship with their computers have this bloatwareť built in, which means every time you have to reset or reinstall the system you face the whole ordeal again.

A Titan Computers workstation will only ship with the software that you specifically ask for and they are all off-the-shelf retail copies. No muss, no fuss.

Extended Support
The price of your Titan workstation includes an extraordinary level of support. We provide technical support on your workstation inclusive of labor for the lifetime of the machine. Parts are covered for two years regardless of where the manufacturers warranty may be shorter. We will always be on hand via phone or email to help you troubleshoot and resolve any problem.

Given their mass-production and sales large PC makers are not in a position to provide the level of support that we can at Titan Computers.

Mass Produced PCs vs Titan Computers: The Bottom Line

Dell, HP, Etc.

Titan Custom Computers

Unbranded, low-margin OEM parts

High-quality retail components

Unpolished, hot and noisy builds

Ported, polished and quiet computers

No performance optimization

Performance tuned (best bang for buck)

Cursory Testing

Comprehensive Stress Testing

Bloatware Preloaded

Only Software You Want

Limited Support

Lifetime Personal Technical Support