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AMD Ryzen 7 Based Workstations

Every true fan of computer technology will remember with fondness the golden age of AMD CPUs that provided true competition to the market leader Intel. Although Intel has almost always held the absolute performance crown. The performance-per-dollar crown however was historically been the domain of AMD.

Sadly that hasn’t been true for a few years now and in most cases workstation users were better off going for something built on an Intel backbone. Relegating AMD to enterprise and low-end home computing markets.

That's all in the past now and AMD is back with a vengeance! Rising from the ashes the new RYZEN series of CPUs is challenging the performance levels of Intel systems at a massive discount. At Titan Computers we care about building machines that are not only high-performance, but also ones that represent the best value for your hard-earned money.

RYZEN lets us build machines that provide amazing bang for buck or allow us to pass savings down to other components such as GPUs or SSDs while keeping the CPU power levels cranked. If your budget is a priority this should be your first stop.

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A200 - 2nd Gen AMD RYZEN 7 Ultra Fast Workstation PC up to 8 cores
A200 - 2nd Gen AMD RYZEN 7 Ultra Fast Workstation PC up to 8 cores
Starting Price: $1,595.00

The economy’s in the tank, the world is uncertain and the supply of dollars is tighter than ever. That doesn’t mean you can stop the work. Time is money and professional workstation jobs deserve the performance they need to run smoothly.

Luckily AMD have come to the rescue just in the nick of time with their price/performance king: AMD Ryzen. The A200 takes the savings that Ryzen enables and spreads them around to create one of the best all-round mid-range workstations we’ve ever made.

Titan A399 - AMD RYZEN Threadripper 3D Rendering Workstation PC up to 16 Cores
Titan A399 - AMD RYZEN 9 Threadripper 3D Rendering Workstation PC up to 16 Cores
Starting Price: $3,155.00

The AMD Ryzen product line has given the CPU world the shakeup it needs. Intel is no longer sitting so comfortably and mass-multithreading is available to mainstream audiences. It also means we can build multi-core monster workstations like the Titan A399 with the latest Ryzen 9 ThreadRipper magic at it’s heart.

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