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AMD Opteron Based Workstations

While AMD’s Opteron workstation CPUs cannot compete with Intel’s Xeon CPUs in pure performance terms, if we look at doller-per-core performance figures the results are not so clear-cut. AMD’s Opteron CPUs represent, by far, the best value for money when it comes to building systems meant to handle professional workloads that are highly threaded and are more sensitive to core count than per-core performance. Opterons may not be the fastest server or workstation CPUs on the market, but they can be the fastest for the money.

Another overlooked aspect of choosing opteron is the total cost of ownership of a system. In general it is not only the Opteron CPU itself that is more cost effective, but the motherboard as well. AMD also generally favours longer life cycles for their sockets and provide more backwards compatibility, which means your AMD servers and workstation may have drop-in CPU upgrades for years after Intel users have been required to change motherboards or purchase new systems.

The real-world difference between Xeon and Opteron performance may not (depending on your business) justify the additional outlay. Speak to one of our trained consultants to determine if an Opteron system is better suited to your needs.