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The Difference Between a Supermarket PC and a Titan PC

Major supermarket chains are now selling high-end PCs, but there are plenty of hidden reasons to avoid getting your PC performance hit from the same place that sells bulk toilet paper. Here is the difference between them and us.

You may have noticed that major retailers have started to offer high-end PCs. The sort of computers that sport i7 CPUs and GTX 1080s. Sometimes (but not always) these computers are offered at a price that seems rather attractive. The type of market that these computers are aimed at certainly doesnít include tech-savvy customers that would build their own machines and picking up your PC from a mass distributor may seem convenient, but there are a few very serious reasons you should consider buying your machine from a system builder specialist like Titan. Letís go over the more important ones.

Component Selection

Just because the specification lists between two computers looks the same, does not mean they are the same. At Titan we very carefully select every component that goes into even our least expensive computers.

We donít use off-brand or OEM parts at all. We know exactly who made which part, what itís reliability and quality parameters are and where to go for support if something does go wrong.

In a mass market PC itís often hard or impossible to determine the providence of parts. GPUs, PSUs, motherboards and memory are often unbranded. Components such as capacitors and voltage regulators could be sub-par, leading to early system death or sudden failure. No-name SSDs are now also a notorious way to fatten profit margins while seriously compromising performance and lifespan. A computer is only as good as the weakest component and mass market PCs are often mostly made from poor quality components.

Apart from quality, thereís also performance issues. Mass market PCs might have a motherboard chipset that bottlenecks the CPU, GPU and memory. This happens because the retailer wants to sell the machine based on components consumers can understand. They donít care about things like bandwidth constrainment and trust the typical consumer wonít realize their expensive new computer is not performing as well as it should. We, however, know how to build a balanced computer that lives up to its potential.

Design and Build Quality

At first glance a mass market computer looks like the real deal. The cases have fancy lights, multiple fans and big side windows.

If you look a little closer however, it becomes apparent that they are slapped together haphazardly. As quickly as possible to maximise profit. This means that cable management is usually terrible and airflow nonsensical. Crucially things like thermal paste may be misapplied, leading to poor thermal performance. Hotspots within the case can also lead to early system death. Cheap cases make for bad upgrade or maintenance experiences, not to mention awkward ports that are small in number.

Testing, Service and Support

Itís impossible for mass market sellers to test each machine properly before shipping. This means a significant number of shipped computers may be dead on arrival or die the first time they are put under stress. Especially with cheap, low-quality components.

At Titan EVERY computer goes through a 24-hour torture test after building is complete. We put these computers through more than they are likely to ever see during their normal lifespan. This helps us catch thermal problems and weed out bad components before the computer ever gets to you. Thanks to this returns are almost non-existent and we can attest to catching quite a few bad DIMMs and faulty capacitors before a computer ever reaches a customer.

If something does go wrong with your Titan computer down the line, we offer lifetime support and 2-year parts support. We also only employ people who are actual technical experts and can sort your problem out quickly and efficiently. No mass market supplier is going to provide that level of service. Generally youíll get an in-warranty replacement of a computer thatís just as bad and will fail in the same way eventually.

Thereís No Substitute for Quality

While mass-market computers may look like a bargain based on price and core specification alone, but if you look at what you are getting for your money a Titan computer is actually cheaper once you factor in hidden performance and quality issues and the time and money saved with our top-tier support. So please, if you are thinking about buying a mass market computer, get in touch with us for a quote on an equivalent machine. You might be surprised at what youíll get for your hard-earned dollars.