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Graphic Design and Photo Editing

The demand for visual products has exploded thanks to internet media. Now more than ever graphic designs and professional photography are at the center of every web page and publication looking to attract those ever elusive clicks. If you’re a visual artist that works in either of these areas you probably have a list of requirements that include silent operation, snappy performance, pleasing looks and rock-solid reliability.
Traditionally people in this profession have opted for more, shall we say, “fruit” flavored computers. Attracted by the design of those machines and perceived simplicity. At the cost of significantly lower performance per dollar ratios.

Today however chassis manufacturers provide a wide selection of jaw dropping designs and the modern Windows operating system is every bit as reliable and user friendly as the competition. Unlike those mass produced machines, our computers are actually hand-assembled, with each individual component stress tested to ensure everything will last.

If you really want to think differently, get something that really is customized to your individual needs while also sporting the latest computing technology.

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